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Is your idea "one in a million"

Startups is a very glamorous word, from young mind to the old genes all are inspired by this word and this is pushing them to work on their dreams, pushing them to utilize every resource they have money, people, time and age, the reason is the believe in the idea and its viability, which most of recognize as “One in a million” or “Next Zuckerberg”. Ideas are the product of the interaction between our creative mind and the environment we live in, it's the creativity which help us to find solutions to a problem which we feel that people in general are facing and if we can have a solution, we can sell that solution as a product or services to satisfy the need and a rational person will pay for it, this though is true but most failed to understand that tagging a problem generic is a subjective thing and may not have that proportionate generic thing that can signify its quantity. The acceptability of an idea is based on two major things, firstly the acceptability quantity and

Make better choices, use alternatives properly

Life is an organic process, it has decision points where one needs to analyze the alternatives and its impact and have to choose path which can best suit the dynamics of that time, Here am proposing a framework which helps a decision maker to break the journey into various checkpoints, brain storm on every micro checkpoint for different alternatives, choose the best one among them and see the evolution of the decision making process. In our daily life, we face problems that can be solved by a well taken decision, the significance of a decision depends on an outcome which is strengthen by properly choosing the alternatives. The process of understanding the alternatives and choosing them need proper understanding of the objectives, path to reach that objective, various checkpoints on that path and availability of the alternatives on those checkpoints. This Framework, helps the user to break the path to objective into small checkpoints, it helps to understand the available alte